Pastor John’s Bible Stories For Grownups

Click the link below to download your favorite story in PDF format.

Bible Q&A, Intro to Bible Stories for Grownups

Samson – How God can use us in spite of ourselves!

Abraham & Sarah – Good thing God is patient, ’cause sometimes it takes us a while to get it.

Esther – A picture of a godly woman and a devilish man

Nehemiah & The Wall – Obedience – what a difference it can make!

Jonah – Disobedience – what a difference it can make!

Solomon The wisest man in the world – so what happened?

The Christmas Story – A different take on a familiar story

Hosea – the greatest love story ever!

Saul – The jealous king – what’s a little attempted murder between friends, anyway?

Lessons God has taught me, that my kids aren't ready to hear . . . yet.

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