As far as your work life goes, the most important thing to learn in life is how to change and adapt. Yes, the skills you have in an industry are important. But the most important skill is the ability to level up and adapt. So if your job gets eliminated or your industry gets decimated, it’s not a big deal for you to start again in a new industry.

What’s interesting is, when you are young, you can learn these skills by doing just about anything. My sister was talking about how she wants Eli to become a pilot. My initial reaction to this was maybe it’s not a good idea because I don’t think there will be pilots in 20 years. When I asked a friend’s opinion, he immediately said, “the most important thing is to learn how to change.” I thought this was very wise. That being the case, chase your passions to your hearts content. If you really dig in and commit, you will learn the skills you need to do anything in life.