Quotes for a Good Life


There is opportunity in confusion.

Embrace a philosophy that centered on calculated risk. Control what you can; be aware of what you cannot. Death, at some point, is a given — “You have to accept it.” The gravest risk a person could take is to waste time on earth, to reach the end without having maximally lived. “This is the only way to fight against mortality.”

If you’re not living at the edge…you are taking up too much space.

Never, ever panic!

You can’t give up! If you give up, you are like everyone else.

If you want to be profane, save it for a critical moment. You will be so out of character that it has greater impact.

Reward good deeds and efforts in a group meeting. It means more than money…. but a bonus is good too.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Life is hard, then you die

If you can’t make a dollar profit each day, you probably shouldn’t be in business.

“Never write if you can speak, never speak if you can nod, never nod if you can wink, and I would add, never, ever put it in an email”

Don’t agonize…organize

Learn something new EVERY DAY…of your life.

Evocative: A word/description of technology that DARPA prefers over “doable”

Accidents of History: Bits of technology that all come together at the right time when it’s most needed.

Live Tough